Asako Shizu

Daimyo of Kyuden Asako


Shizu is a plain-faced man of around forty-five, with a smooth and cultured voice. While he does suffer from a tendency to be judgmental and a bit overbearing, often to the point where his talks of “peace and brotherhood” become irritating, he means well. Which is a good thing, as none have the right to complain against him, as Shizu is the provincial daimyo. While he personally puts all his blame for the current border disputes on the Mirumoto family, he does want peace with them.

Shizu is of average height and build, with a strong, clean jaw and a standard top-knot. He does not dress extravagantly, but he does dress with enough poise and style to convey his status above others who may visit his city of Kyuden Asako or Aoijori Oku Shiro, the Pale Oak Castle.

Shizu is a widower – his wife Kaorin died in childbirth years ago. Both of his living children, Sokuto (a son) and a daughter Kaorin (named after her mother) are currently away training in Phoenix schools so that may take his place. Sokuto is training in Michita Yasumi, the City of Hopeful Rest. Kaorin is learning in Kyuden Asako.

Asako Shizu was murdered while hosting the “Tournament of the Samurai” on the Third Day of the Month of the Hare, while writing a letter in his room within the Pale Oak Castle. He took a blade to the back of the head and the murderer sought to implicate a Dragon Clan samurai named Mirumoto Rai in the crime. Kitsuki Yuya and Doji Hinto investigated at the behest of both Rai and the karo, Isawa Masahiro.


Asako Shizu

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