Bastard Crab Ronin


- – - STRENGTH 3 -
Honor: 0.5 Glory: 0.0 Status: 0.3
Family: Unknown.

Skills: Athletics 3, Battle 2, Defense 1, Heavy Weapons (Tetsubo, Ono) 3, Intimidation 2, Jiujutsu 3, Lore: War 2

Athletics Mastery Rank 3: Moderate Terrain no longer impedes movement, and movement across Diffi cult Terrain reduces the character’s Water Ring by 1 instead of 2.

Heavy Weapons Mastery Rank 3: Opponents with a Reduction rating have their rating reduced by 2 when attacked with a heavy weapon.

Jiujutsu Master Rank 3: The damage of all unarmed attacks is increased by +1k0.


  • Large
  • Strength of the Earth
  • Antisocial
  • Black Sheep (Bastard)
  • Obtuse

Technique: The Way of the Crab – The Hida bushi is the epitome of ‘heavy infantry,’ able to endure harsh blows and deliver crushing attacks in return. You may ignore TN penalties for wearing heavy armor for all skills except Stealth. When using a Heavy Weapon, you gain a bonus of +1k0 to the total of all damage rolls.

Outfit: Ashigaru Armor, Sturdy Clothing, Tetsubo.


Jinwu is not sure of his birthdate, but he is at least thirty. The only thing he knows for sure is that his father was a Crab Clan Samurai and that he was born a bastard to a servant girl. He watched from the barracks as his true brothers and sisters trained for battle while he was forced to sweep and clean. Longing for more and too ambitious to be swept under the rug, Jinwu demanded of his masters the respect and station he should have as birthright.

He was exiled for this. Though he requested to be abandoned beyond the wall so that he may at least die like a Crab, he found himself ousted into pointless conflicts in the bandit infested Ronin Chiiki. He joined a few gangs and cracked a few heads but could never shake the anger from what was denied.

Jinwu joined the “Band of Wolves” when he was saved by Luten after an incident in a sake house in the lower rungs of a Mantis Clan city. The pair hit it off with a shared sense of feeling wronged by their alleged betters, as well as a love of whores and alcohol. Jinwu travelled north with Luten and the eta Ti-Lo to fight in the skirmishes between the Centipede and the Crane. Soon after they were hired into service by the favor-mongering Crane, Doji Hinto.

On the 15th Day of Akoko in the year 1062, Jinwu was poisoned by The Masked Woman in an attempted ambush of Doji Hinto and his compatriot Kitsuki Yuya. Presumed dead until he began puking up a green foam, Jinwu received treatment first by Ti-Lo, then on the 16th Day by the mountain-dwellers of the Spine of the World, and then finally by Shinjo Agui at his camp.


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