Mutilated Ronin Bodyguard


Infamy: 1.7 Honor: 0.1 Status: 0.0
Insight Rank: 1
Ronin Paths: None

Skills: Medicine 2, Craft: Cooking 3, Stealth 2, Intimidation (Torture) 2, Knives 3

Knives Mastery Rank 3: Off-hand penalties do not apply when using a knife.


  • Wary
  • Silent
  • Read Lips


  • Small
  • Social Disadvantage (Eta)
  • Disturbing Countenance
  • Bad Fortune (Disfigurement)

Technique: Murderous Brutality – Ti-Lo’s brutality rivals even the most battle-hungry Crab, the reason for this is how he performs with cold precision. Whenever you surprise an opponent in a skirmish, you may double your Strength for the purposes of determining how many damage dice you roll on that attack.

Outfit: Ashigaru Armor, Sturdy Clothing, Fishing Knife, Torturer Knives, 2 Zeni.


Born on the 3rd Day of the Month of the Rooster perhaps forty years ago, Ti-Lo was subjected to the greatest shame a man can suffer in Rokugan. Being an eta. He was frequently bullied as a youth by his family, his fellow eta, and all who held even a modicum more power than he. It did not help that Ti-Lo was a small, porcine boy.

Ti-Lo served the Tonbo Family loyally in silence for three decades before he was accused of stealing a single zeni from his master’s study. The accusation had no grounds and was the definition of frivolous, but this did not stop the punishment. Ti-Lo was taken to the dungeon where he suffered lingshi, the death of a thousand cuts. Ti-Lo wept and pleaded when the knife first struck him. His torturer took his tongue, and then Ti-Lo watched in silence.

He does not speak of how he escaped, only mostly mutilated. If he had the means to speak, he likely wouldn’t anyway. The short fat eta is missing most of his face, the skin on both of his hands, and his chest is a patch-work of scar tissue. He has no nails on his fingers or toes. Every moment is dreadful pain, and he does not whimper or wince.

It is unknown exactly when Ti-Lo ended up in the service of the “Band of Wolves”, but it seems to be one of the few things that gives him joy. Jinwu treats the eta like an honored uncle, while Luten gives the man respect for his dirty work and makes no judgements.

Sometime during the Month of the Horse in the year 1062, the “Band of Wolves” and Ti-Lo ended up in the service of Crane Favor-Monger Doji Hinto. During the 15th day of Akoko, Ti-Lo tortured the The Masked Woman to death at the approval of Doji Hinto. He also began treating Jinwu for poison he suffered.


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